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Social media helps BN in polls - CM

The social media is a far-reaching and strategic machinery for the Barisan Nasional in the coming general election. Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Haji Aman said government-friendly social media played an important role to defend government policies online.

He said that social media such as blogs, Twitter and Facebook enabled the government to engage with the public directly.

Therefore, social media practitioners should practice a proper way in conducting their own social column, he said at the 1Malaysia Social Media Convention of Zone 5 at Sri Libaran Hall yesterday.

“Social media practitioners are government cyber warriors where they act as a medium to channel accurate information about government developments.

“Media practitioners should not condemn their own leaders by expressing negative issues that will give inaccurate information to others,” Musa said while urging the social media practitioners to write frequently and be united in the face of an opposition that only work to confuse and mislead the public.
On the other hand, he said the government would always appreciate the efforts of some bloggers in delivering accurate information to the public about the development implemented by the government.

Some 915 social media practitioners from Beluran, Kinabatangan, Batu Sapi, Sandakan and Libaran attended the convention which was a platform for them to learn discipline and be more patriotic.

Speaking at another function, the Chief Minister said current technology can be a useful tool in propagating dakwah.

“It is important for Muslims to empower knowledge and move in tandem with mainstream development while fully appreciating Islamic teachings in achieving the goal of stability in taqwah and faith,” he said when officiating the Sandakan Empowering Dakwah Seminar at the community hall here yesterday.

The ceremony also saw the launching of the Sandakan Dakwah Committee’s blog and Facebook group page where web users are able to chat with Musa on-line.

Musa said dakwah has an important place in society as it propagates what is true (haq) and what is not (batil), especially in the Islamic context. He added that in terms of development, the government had played its role in spreading Islam in Sabah which included building infrastructures and facilities and donating funds to agencies that focus on Dakwah.

Musa also urged the state’s dakwah bodies and Islamic institutions to organize well-planned and coordinated dakwah program effectively. “This is an important aspect to ensure the dakwah message can be spread perfectly based on the needs of the identified target groups,” he said. The seminar was organized by the Sandakan Dakwah Committee and United Sabah Islamic Association (USIA)

Source TheBorneoPost 01 July 2012