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Renowned Japanese singer visits namesake Orang Utan

Mariko, the 24-year-old Orang Utan at the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre received a special visit by renowned Japanese singer and songwriter, Hatta Mariko, yesterday.

According to Hatta Mariko, she first visited Mariko last year after she knew they shared the same name.

“The first time I knew there is an Orang Utan named Mariko was three years ago and I am happy to know that because I’m interested in the species since I was a child.

“Upon knowing there is a Mariko here, I wrote a song entitled “My name is Mariko” and dedicated it to the Orang Utan,” she said when met yesterday at the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre.

“The idea to write the song came as I heard the Orang Utan population is on the decline and the animal has become an endangered species,” says Mariko.

“I hope my song creates an awareness for all of us to protect our habitat, not only the Orang Utan but also other animals,” she said adding that Mariko’s sister has also the same name with her sister, Noriko.

“During my visit last year, I came with several of my fans, unfortunately this time around, I cannot bring them as they are all afraid to leave Japan due to the recent disaster,” she explained.

Accompanying the chief executive officer of Hatta Mariko patronage, Yuko Nakamura and the company’s treasurer, Hiroko Nakagawa. Mariko also donated RM12,000 to the Orang Utan Trust Fund.

According to Mariko, the money was raised by her fans in Japan who shared the same concern with the well being of the species.

Source: TheBorneoPost July 6, 2012 Friday