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Police report over brothers”dubious’ native certificate

Abdullah (center) with his friends after making the police report.
A local man has made a police report stating that he believes two ethnic Chinese brothers who are traders are in possession of a dubious native certificate that was allegedly used to obtain benefits like bumiputeras, including thousands of acres of land in Kinabatangan.

Abdullah Japar, 55, of Kampung Suan Lamba, who was accompanied by a group of friends when making the report at the police station here on Thursday, said the brothers are believed to have claimed they were Sino Kadazan when obtaining the native certificate endorsed by Kota Kinabalu Native Court on September 5, 1979.

He claimed that the father of the brothers is a Chinese born in Singapore based on his citizen certificate and a copy of his citizenship application form as confirmed by the National Registration Department in Sabah. Abdullah said the father of the siblings applied for Malaysian citizenship in Lahad Datu on December 12, 1966 and the brothers were born in Lahad Datu on February 22, 1958 and July 12 1960.

“According to the birth certificate issued by the department on April 5, 2007, the brothers and their parents are Chinese and have no blood connection with the locals,” he said. “Now the brothers are rich because their birth certificate allows them to own land in places, including Kinabatangan,” he added.

Abdullah said he was encouraged to lodge the police report after the government announced its decision recently to revoke the Sri Tanjung assemblyman Jimmy Wong’s Native Certificate. He said he agrees with Sukau assemblyman Datuk Saddi Haji Abdul Rahman’s call to investigate birth certificates of questionable validity.

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Allocations for new Sukau Township only next year

LOCAL Government and Housing Minister Datuk Hajiji Noor told Sukau Assemblyman Datuk Saddi Abdul Rahman that allocations to build the Sukau new township will only be available next year. Saddi said he felt disappointed because after all the fanfare at the groundbreaking ceremony, the project would only be started next year.
On a proposal for private housing developers to set aside 30 per cent affordable houses in their project, he said the Ministry has studied it and is in the midst of preparing a paper. He said they also take into consideration views from the State Economic Planning Unit (Upen) and Sabah Housing and Real Estate Development Association (Shareda).
"If this is approved by the Government, this policy will provide opportunities to the low and average-income group to own houses in areas developed by private housing developers in urban areas," he said. The price of the house could be RM250,000 and below but this would be up to the State Government, he said.
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Probe alleged insult against Head of State – Saddi

SUKAU assemblyman Datuk Saddi Abdul Rahman has called for investigation of Batu Sapi PAS chief for allegedly issuing a statement insulting the Head of State. Saddi reasoned that the opposition leader, Hamzah Abdullah, had disrespectedly questioned the appointment and authority of the Head of State in his on-line article by labelling the Yang di-Pertua Negeri Tun Juhar Mahiruddin as “raja Sabah tanpa daulat” (“the king of Sabah without sovereignty”).

The remarks, he added, openly insulted and challenged an institution that has long been recognised and accepted as the symbol of the State’s sovereignty.“I proposed to this august House that an investigation be carried out and that stern action be taken by the Police, the Information Ministry and the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission against the perpetrator, should it be proven that he had committed this offence.

“I was told that this individual, Hamzah Abdullah, is still freely instigating the people to believe that his action of insulting the Head of State had not been acted upon by the authorities.

“I am of the opinion that failure to take action against this person would tarnish the image and sovereignty of the State in the eyes of the outsiders as well as the local people who may think that anybody can criticise and insult the head of the government without fear of the law of this country,” he said when taking part in the debate at the State Legislative sitting yesterday.

Saddi said there had been a public outcry demanding for immediate action be taken following the release of the on-line article, with several police reports being lodged by individuals and organisations across the State urging the authorities to punish the individuals involved.

He added that Hamzah’s remarks was also an insult to the country’s royal institution which sanctioned Juhar’s appointment as Head of State. Saddi also expressed concurrence to Sekong (BN) assemblyman’s suggestion for the Jaksa Pendamai (JP) award to Hamzah by the Istana to be revoked.

On other issues, Saddi called on the Sandakan local authority to pay attention to the welfare of the people residing in coastal villages. He disclosed to the House that public infrastructure and amenities in 16 coastal villages in the district were in very poor condition and a number of government projects implemented in these areas had not fulfilled the specifications.

He also urged the Housing and Urban Development Board (LPPB) to expedite works for developing Pekan Baru Sukau, noting that no visible progress has been made on the long-term development blueprint approved and launched in July 2010.

“Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman when officiating at the launch had said that the state government would consider allocating RM200 million for the Pekan Baru Sukau project. “Today, nearly 18 months since the project was approved, the people are still waiting for it to commence,” he said.

Saddi also proposed to the government to degazette 4,000 acres of land in the Pin-Sipu forest reserve as settlement area, to replace the 4,000 acres in Kampung Abai that has been gazetted as forest reserve.

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Masidi to assist 79 temporary teachers

DATUK Masidi Manjun will take up the issue of the 79 temporary teachers whose services were terminated following a directive by the Education Ministry, and would fight for their right. Stressing that he symphatised their fate, the Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister said although they might just be Sijil Rendah Pelajaran (SRP) holders, their services were still relevant to society.

“I believe they should be absorbed and offered permanent posts, especially those who have served for about three decades,” said Masidi, who is also the Minister in charge of education.He, however, disagreed that the temporary teachers’ contracts were terminated without warning as renewals were done on a yearly basis.

“Those whose contract expires this year were not renewed. But I agree that they should not be treated in such a way. “They are the ones who are willing to go to remote villages to teach, despite the low pay. And in fact, I know that some have served as temporary teachers until their retirement … such act shows their determination and dedication to teach the younger children to excel in their life,” he said in his winding up speech during the State Assembly sitting yesterday.

He was responding to Kuamut assemblyman Masiung Banah’s call on the state government to assist the temporary teachers whose contracts were terminated. “They may be just Sijil Rendah Pelajaran holders, but some have served for about 35 years. I believe they must have bills, house and car loans to pay. It is unfair to terminate their services without giving the prior notice. “The ministry should not have taken the decision so fast … their services are still needed,” said Banah.

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60,000 in Sabah given computers

OVER 60,000 people in Sabah have received the 1Malaysia computers thus far, said State Resource Development and Information Technology Assistant Minister Datuk Jainab Ahmad. She said the price of the 1Malaysia notebook varies but is not more than RM1,000 per unit inclusive of applications like Microsoft Office and anti-virus software.
She was replying to Gum-Gum Assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Mohd Edris on the number of recipients and their eligibility during question time. "All the applicants have been vetted by the relevant quarters. Actually, there are two categories of recipients.
"One is the student category in which the applicants must be Malaysians, secondary students, total household income must be less than RM3,000 a month and the parents must agree to subscribe to Internet access. "Priority would be given to students living in areas that have Internet coverage and only one computer is given for one family," Jainab said.
Under the second category which is for the public, she said the applicants must be Malaysians, total household income must also be less than RM3,000 a month, one computer for one family and applicants must not have children who have received the 1Malaysia computer through the programme.
Infrastructure Development Assistant Minister Datuk Pang Nyuk Ming said the Government has approved an upgrading project for water supply in Kudat costing RM18 million under the Second Rolling Plan of the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP).
He said another RM1 million has been approved for a project to reduce losses incurred by Non-Revenue Water (NRW) in Kudat by replacing the old pipes. "The Ministry is in the midst of preparing the design and documentation to replace the pipes. The physical work will commence once the design works have been completed," he said.
Pang was replying to Tanjong Kapor Assemblyman Datuk Teo Chee Kang on actions taken to address interruptions to water supply in Kudat due to leakages in the pipes. On number of pipe leakages in Kudat, Pang said the Water Department recorded a total of 250 cases from December 2011 up to February this year.
State Infrastructure Development Assistant Minister, Datuk Japlin Akim said the Ministry through the Water Department is planning to build a water treatment plant in Kundasang with a water capacity to produce 15 million litres per day. "The design works and documentation on this project have been completed and physical works will commence once we received funding from the Federal Government," he told Kundasang Assemblyman Dr Joachim Gunsalam.
The Ministry took over the existing alternative water supply in Kundasang from the Rural Development Corporation (KPD) on Jan. 1 last year. "We have carried out a study on the alternative water supply in Kundasang to determine the scope of work that needs to be done.
"Based on the results of the study, the Water Department has repaired water leakages in pipes and is doing maintenance on dilapidated reserve water tanks in the area. "These works would be carried out from time to time, continuously, so that water can be channelled to the residents at an optimum level," Japlin said.
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Pemasangan meter air percuma, rahmat Sentuhan Kasih kepada Penduduk Tg Aru

Saddi berucap
Antara hadirin yang hadir
Saddi melaungkan 1 Malaysia yang disahut oleh hadirin
Saddi menyampaikan sumbangan Mock Cek RM17, 000 bagi pemasangan meter air kepada penduduk Tanjung Aru 
Sebahagian daripada 120 penduduk yang menerima sumbangan wang tunai daripada Saddi di bawah program sentuhan kasih
Saddi memberikan bantuan 19 buah mesin jahit kepada penduduk Tanjung Aru

Seramai 170 buah keluarga mewakili 1,000 penduduk di kampung ini boleh menarik nafas lega apabila Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri kawasan ini, Datuk Saddi Haji Abdul Rahman mengumumkan bantuan meter air percuma kepada setiap rumah kediaman di sini di bawah pembiayaan program sentuhan kasih.

Ini bermakna, setiap keluarga tidak lagi perlu membayar pemasangan meter sebanyak RM240 kepada Jabatan Air, sebaliknya hanya menanti projek penyambungan bekalan air dari dasar laut Sandakan-Tanjung Aru bernilai RM 21 juta yang beroperasi dalam masa terdekat.

Di bawah program bantuan itu, Saddi menyampaikan sumbangan sebanyak RM17,000 daripada lebih RM40,000 untuk tujuan itu  kepada 50 pemohon yang sudah didaftarkan,  manakala 120 pemohon lagi akan menerima sumbangan yang sama dalam masa terdekat.

“ Oleh kerana penyambungan bekalan air di Kampung Tanjung Aru melalui saluran dasar laut ini satu sejarah penting, maka saya memberikan sumbangan meter percuma  agar  membolehkan lebih 1,000 penduduk yang mendiami kawasan ini  merasakan sedikit keselesaan menerusi sumbangan program Sentuhan Kasih yang diilhamkan Ketua Menteri di bawah peruntukan lebih RM30 juta pada  Bajet Negeri 2012 lalu,” katanya.

Penduduk Tundun Bohangin tidak pernah diabaikan oleh ADUN Sukau

Golongan wanita tidak dipinggirkan dari senarai penerima
Bantuan enjin sangkut kepada yang memerlukan
Saddi menyampaikan sumbangan sentuhan kasih berbentuk peralatan pembesar suara kepada Pengerusi JKKK Tundun Buhangin, Azman Agoi

Rakyat khususnya yang terus memberikan sokongan BN di kawasan ini diingatkan agar tidak terpedaya dengan dakyah-dakyah pihak tertentu sehingga boleh menafikan  sumbangan dan jasa para pemimpin mewakili kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) selama ini.

Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Sukau Datuk Saddi Haji Abdul Rahman berkata, rakyat dan pemimpin setempat yang merasa  serta melihat sendiri kegigihan pimpinan kerajaan membela mereka perlu memberi penjelasan  bahawa masyarakat  diluar bandar terus mendapat keutamaan.

“ Jangan ada pihak mengatakan saya kononnya tidak turun padang hingga ke kawasan ini. Seluruh rakyat di sini adalah penyokong setia BN. Kerana merekalah saya dipilih menjadi wakil rakyat dan dapat melaksanakan tanggungjawab sebagaimana yang kita rancang bersama. Maka saya sentiasa bersama mereka,” katanya.

ADUN Sukau mahu semua projek pembangunan dilaksanakan mengikut jadual

 Saddi meninjau bangunan KAFA Mengaris yang perlu dipindah ke tapak lebih sesuai
Gambar bertemu rakyat
 Meninjau cadangan projek membuat perigi Batu Kampung Mengaris
Meninjau bangunan Pusat penyimpanan air Paris yang boleh siap
Meninjau bangunan kedai Sedcovest di Paris 1

Ahli Dewan Undangan negeri kawasan ini, Datuk Saddi Haji Abdul Rahman mahu semua projek pembangunan yang sudah dalam perlaksanaan  di kawasan ini dikendalikan mengikut jadual bagi membolehkan rakyat dapat menikmatinya dalam masa terdekat.

Katanya, beberapa keperluan utama seperti projek perpaipan bekalan air daripada Loji Mengaris-Kampung Paris dan Loji Mengaris –Gumantong Jaya, diikuti projek pembaikan jalan-jalan kampung dan rumah-rumah ibadat di kawasan ini perlu disiapkan untuk kemudahan rakyat.

 “Yang jelas, masih terdapat kelewatan dalam projek pembinaan pusat penyimpanan air di kawasan Kampung Paris 11. Kedudukan penyiapan projek  hanya sekitar 60 peratus itu bakal mengakibatkan masyarakat  termasuk  para peniaga di sekitar kawasan itu lewat menerima bekalan.

“ Demikian juga kemudahan asas lain seperti menaiktaraf tapak perumahan kawasan pemindahan Banjir di Kampung Mengaris. Saya difahamkan pihak kerajaan sudah mengeluarkan sebahagian dari peruntukan  projek itu tetapi belum memperlihatkan perubahan besar dalam menaiktaraf tapak berkenaan. Saya berharap tumpuan kerja oleh kontraktor terbabit diperhebatkan demi kegunaannya yang amat diperlukan rakyat,” katanya.

Keperihatinan kerajaan diterjemahkan melalui Program Sentuhan Kasih

Didikasi tinggi dan  dan kebijaksanaan Ketua Menteri menggalas tanggungjawab membolehkan rakyat di pelusuk luar bandar di negeri ini sentiasa mendapat pembelaan dan beriltizam tinggi untuk memajukan diri.

Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri kawasan ini, Datuk Saddi Haji Abdul Rahman menegaskan,  pembelaan  rakyat di bawah program sentuhan kasih dicetuskan Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman di bawah Bahet Negeri 2012,  bukan saja membolehkan  golongan itu menerima pelbagai kemudahan di peringkat kampung yang segera diperlukan.

“ Tetapi  rakyat dari pelbagai ketegori seperti mereka yang hidup di bawah garis kemiskinan, golongan keurang upaya dan cacat, ibu-ibu tunggal, malah golongan belia wajar menerima sumbangan di bawah program itu agar menyemarakkan lagi semangat  memajukan diri dalam kegiatan sosioekonomi masing-masing,” katanya.

Berucap dalam menyampaikan sumbangan Sentuhan Kasih di peringkat Mukim Litang,  Saddi berkata,  sumbangan di bawah program itu wajar disampaikan kepada rakyat agar di mana juga berada agar mencapai matlamatnya, walaupun berhadapan pelbagai cabaran.

RM2.5 billion to upgrade KK - Sandakan road.

The upgrading project on the link between Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan into a four-lane two-way road will be carried out in stages at a cost RM2.5 billion , the Dewan Rakyat was told yesterday.

Deputy Minister of Public Works Datuk Yong Khoon Seng said the project involved the route from Kota Kinabalu-Tamparuli (36km), Tamparuli-Ranau (72km), Ranau-Telupid (98km) and Telupid-Sandakan (130km).

“At the moment, only 70km of the route has been upgraded into a four-lane two-way road, from Kota Kinabalu to Tamparuli and from Jalan Batu Lapan to Jalan Gum Gum in Sandakan,” he said when replying to a question by Datuk Abd Rahman Dahlan (BN-Kota Belud).

In February, Yong had said the government had agreed to approve immediate additional allocations of RM100 million to upgrade the main roads in Sabah and Sarawak especially, the Pan Borneo road and the trunk road connecting the West Coast and East Coast of Sabah. He said the ministry was evaluating small projects costing RM200,000 to RM2 million for the purpose of upgrading the main roads in Sabah and Sarawak

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ADUN Sukau menyeru belia bangkit perkasakan diri demi mengekalkan kemenangan BN

Saddi menyampaikan ucapan

Saddi bergambar bersama pemain dan kakitangan UPKR serta penganjur kejohanan

Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Sukau, Datuk Saddi Haji Abdul Rahman berkata, golongan belia di negeri ini harus bangkit memperkasakan diri ke  arah mengekalkan kekuatan dan kemenangan Kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) di negeri ini.

Tegasnya, golongan belia hari ini bukan saja harus memajukan diri di pelbagai bidang seperti bidang ekonomi, pendidikan  dan kesukanan tetapi wajar bertanggungjawabkan untuk mengekalkan kedudukan sesebuah kerajaan yang terbukti mampu menjadi sandaran serta berupaya membela rakyat.

Golongan belia yang bijak bukan saja bebas dari gejala sosial seperti penyalahgunaan dadah atau sanggup berkonspirasi untuk menjatuhkan kerajaan. Tetapi mereka mampu menentukan masa depan  anak cucu mereka.

“ Kerjasama padu dengan mana-mana pemimpin kerajaan, sudah tentu memberi jaminan agar  segala tuntutan mereka boleh diberi perhatian.  Ini mendorong  agar belia Sabah sentiasa setanding dalam pelbagai bidang  dengan pencapaian golongan belia di negeri-negeri lain di negara ini,” katanya.

Berucap semasa merasmikan Kejohanan Bolasepak Piala Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Sukau di Padang JKR di Bukit Garam, Kinabatangan pada Ahad, Saddi berkata, pelbagai peringkat kepimpinan kerajaan di kawasan ini sentiasa memerlukan sumbangan belia sebagai satu aset berharga demi kemajuan dan kekuatan bersama.

Untuk itu, kata Saddi, beliau telah kerap kali membawa masalah dalam pembangunan belia di kawasan ini pada Sidang Dewan Undangan Negeri seperti menyentuh berkaitan pengurusan belia yang diletakkan di bawah Kementerian Belia dan Sukan Negeri.

“ Saya kerap bercakap dalam pelbagai aspek seperti menyediakan tuntutan kemudahan asas sukan seperti mengujudkan Mini Kompleks Sukan yang sekian lama sudah dicadangkan di kawasan Kinabatangan ini, diikuti soal menaik taraf pengurusan pejabat, keperluan logistic dan pelbagai lagi, termasuklah mencadangkan kepada kementerian terlibat agar menambah  bilangan kakitangan kementerian berkhidmat di kawasan Kinabatangan.

“ Malangnya sehingga kini belum dapat ditunaikan. Tetapi saya akan terus menyuarakan kesemuannya demi kebaikan golongan belia di kawasan Kinabatangan termasuk mewakili DUN Sukau,” katanya

Saddi mengajak golongan belia di kawasan ini supaya bersatu padu dalam memperjuangkan kepentingan belia di kawasan ini khususnya mendapatkan pelbagai kemudahan sukan bagi kemajuan mereka di bidang itu.

Beliau juga mencadangkan supaya golongan belia di daerah ini mengaktifkan semula persatuan masing-masing bagi membolehkan pihakkerajaan termasuk beliau memberikan sumbangan bagi menjalankan aktiviti mereka.

Yang sebaik-baiknya, kata Saddi, golongan ini dapat memiliki persatuan sukan yang spesifik kepada bidang sukan masing-masing seperti bolasepak bagi memajukan semula bidang itu yang suatu ketika dulu berjaya memberi imej  yang baik kepada kawasan ini.

Kira-kira 30 buah pasukan mengambil bahagian dalam kejohanan tersebut yang julung-julung kali diadakan di kawasan ini.

Saddi kemudian menyarankan agar peringkat separuh akhir kejohanan itu diadakan di padang Bandar Sandakan bagi membolehkan peminat-peminat sukan tersebut  dapat menyaksikan kebolehan para pemain yang datangnya dari kawasan ini. 

Sandakan akan muncul destinasi popular kalangan pelancong

Bandar ini yang didiami kira-kira 453,000 orang penduduk mengikut bancian penduduk pada tahun 2010 akan muncul sebagai sebuah destinasi paling popular di kalangan pelancong dalam dan luar negara.

Bukan sahaja mengambil kira kawasan pelancongannya yang menjadi tumpuan saban tahun seperti Pusat Pemuliharaan Orang Utan Sepilok; Labuk Bay Probocis Monkey; Sungai Kinabatangan; Gua Gomantong;Taman Buaya; Mini Zoo Batu 16 dan beberapa pulau yang menggamit tumpuan pelancong.

Akan tetapi sesungguhnya Sandakan yang mendapat jolokan sebagai bandar mini ‘Hongkong’ akan bertambah maju dengan kewujudan Sandakan Harbour Square yang menempatkan sebuah hotel bertaraf lima bintang termasuk pusat membeli-belah.

Sememangnya bandar ini bertuah kerana selain dianugerahi dengan keindahan alam semula jadi yang mampu menarik orang ramai khususnya pelancong asing tetapi bila siap sepenuhnya bandar tepi laut itu tentulah merancakkan lagi industri pelancongan di negeri Sabah khasnya daerah ini.

Tidak mustahil Sandakan yang telah wujud sebagai sebuah residensi semenjak tahun 1948 akan menjadi bandar popular untuk dilawati selepas bandar raya Kota Kinabalu berdasarkan daya tarikan pelancongan yang terdapat di bandar ini. Penduduk Sandakan terdiri daripada orang-orang Melayu, Cina, Kadazandusun dan suku-suku lain seperti kaum Bajau, Murut, Sungai, Bugis, Suluk dan sebagainya.

Menurut sejarah lampau, lagenda Sandakan bermula beberapa tahun sebelum Pryer. Kampung German yang dijadikan oleh Kaptain William Schuck berbangsa Jerman sebagai pangkalan perniagaan merupakan penempatan pertama, walaupun pada masa tersebut sudah ada beberapa orang Sulu yang menetap di sekitar laut berdekatan.

Apabila Kaptain William Schuck mendapat sebuah pulau di kesultanan Sulu, maka Wiliam Clarke Cowie, seorang pedagang dan pelaut dari Scotland, telah mengantikannya. Penempatan ini menjadi pusat perniagaan senjata yang tidak berjaya. Beliau akhirnya mencari rakan niaga dari Kesultanan Sulu dan meninggalkan Kampung German.

Pada masa yang sama Baron de Overbeck telah berjaya mendapatkan konsesi sebahagian wilayah Sandakan setelah bertemu dengan Sultan Sulu yang bernama Sultan Jamal Ui Alam. Keluasan ini bermula dari Sungai Sibuco (Sg. Sibuga) sehinggalah wilayah Sungai Padasan kira-kira 20,000 batu persegi.

Menurut perjanjian tersebut, Baron de Overbeck akan membayar sebanyak $5,000 setiap tahun. Serentak itu juga, Baron de Overbeck diisytiharkan sebagai Dato Bendahara serta Raja Sandakan berkuatkuasa pada 1878.

Untuk mentadbir wilayah yang dimilikinya, de Overbeck telah menyerahkan pentadbiran dan pengurusan kawasan-kawasan ini kepada beberapa pegawai Inggeris yang dipercayainya. Antara orang yang dipercayainya ialah William Burgess Pryer. Bandar Sandakan mula berkembang apabila ia di tadbir oleh William B. Pryer pada 21 Jun 1879.

8 Mac 2012 NewSabahTimes Online

SM Sung Siew, SMJK Tiong Hua top in Sandakan

SM Sung Siew and SMJK Tiong Hua remain as the top schools here in Sijil Tinggi Peperiksaan Malaysia (STPM) examination. All 17 candidates from SM Sung Siew and 16 candidates from SMJK Tiong Hua passed the examination.

The top scorers from SM Sung Siew are Ho Yan Yee who achieved a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 3:58, Liew Chin Huei Yee and Kieang Yhee (3.00) and Chan San San (2.99). From SMJK Tiong Hua, the best are Chiam Kok Ching (3.17), Wan Shun Shwen (3.09) and Hoe Kah Yie (3.00) Meanwhile, SM St Mary recorded a higher pass rate of 99 per cent in last year’s exam compared to 92.63 per cent in the previous year. 

A total of 17 students among 100 candidates from the school managed to score a CGPA of 3.00 and above. They are Hiew Sui Khim (3.84), Mohd Zainul Ariffin Mohamad (3.75), Chin Siang Yee, Siti Marzalia Murshidi and Mohd Yusuf Raimi (3.75), Liew Jing Jun (3.50), Wong Lee May and Mohd Shafiee Daming (3.50), Muhd Ibrahim Labandu (3.42), Susi Susanti Rashid (3.42), Haslisa Hariono and Baharudin Ricky (3.42), Chia Wui Ting and Leong Pui San (3.34), Ong Chee Chai and Wong Shue Li (3.33) and Aksan Salim (3.33). 

SMK Muhibbah recorded 93.64 per cent passes with 10 of its 111 candidates achieving a CGPA of 3.0 and above. They are Chia Chee Hee (3.67), Alice Loh May Qi (3.67), Aman Abdullah (3.33), Rebecca Zakaria (3.33), Vera Sazrianah Azmi (3.17), Fieramieza Amira Ajis James (3.17), Pang Yi Jing (3.17), Nurul Hasanatul Safura Mohd Salleh (3.09), Rubiah Adawiyah Mustapha (3.09) and Ardian Sha Ali Rahman (3.00).

SMK Batu Sapi recorded 88.89 per cent passed with four students achieving a CGPA of 3.0 and above. They are Sitti Lina Ramli (3.25), Syairah Abdul Rahman (3.25), Norfazilah Mohd Jaafar (3.25) and Asmidah Amir (3.16).

March 8, 2012 The bornoePost Online

NCR discussed at length during meeting – Musa

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman said the Native Customary Right (NCR) issue was discussed at length by the state Cabinet during its meeting yesterday. According to Musa, he would soon invite Barisan Nasional (BN) component party leaders to discuss further and hear their views on the matter.

“And I’m also going to call and consult the expert on NCR and land issue,” he told reporters after chairing the state cabinet meeting at Wisma Innoprise here yesterday. “We had a full briefing and of course discussion with the directors of Land and Survey, Forestry Department as well as the Land Office. The Land and Survey Department briefed the Cabinet on the situation of NCR,” Musa said.

He said this when asked if the NCR issue was discussed during the state Cabinet meeting as he had said in a statement in response to State Attorney General Datuk Roderic Fernandez’s statement with regards to the matter.

Roderic in a statement said his interpretation of the NCR provision in the Sabah Land Ordinance (SLO) was that no fresh NCR land could be created after 1930 after the SLO came into force. “Only land ‘still’ occupied by natives prior to December 13, 1930 are recognized with the status,” Roderic said, adding that there was no provision in the SLO for natives to go into occupation of land after 1930 and claim NCR on it. “A claimant must, for NCR today, show occupation of the land prior to 1931,” he said.

Musa also disclosed that the opening of the 13th state assembly sitting would be held on March 23 with a policy speech to be delivered by Head of State Tun Juhar Mahiruddin. This would be followed by a three-day sitting where assemblymen would debate on the policy speech, he said, adding that the winding up would be held on the third day, March 28. “During the sitting, an amendment to the Forestry Enactment will be tabled,” he said

March 8, 2012 The bornoePost Online

Tarikh PRU-13!?...

Kemungkinan Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13 akan diadakan pada pertengahan tahun ini adalah tidak mustahil dengan kelebihan yang kini jelas memihak kepada kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN).

Bagaimanapun, menurut Geostrategis Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Dr. Azmi Hassan, terdapat beberapa perkara yang terlebih dahulu perlu diberi perhatian oleh kerajaan BN sebelum pilihan raya umum diadakan. "Dua perkara utama yang saya lihat perlu diselesaikan adalah penyelarasan tangga gaji baru kepada penjawat awam dan satu perkara lagi adalah penyenaraian Felda Global Ventures Holdings (FGVH) di papan utama Bursa Malaysia.

"Kalau dua isu itu dapat diselesaikan, bagi saya tiada lagi isu yang meruncing dan memang kemungkinan pilihan raya akan diadakan pada bulan Jun ini," katanya ketika dihubungi Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini. Beliau berkata demikian sebagai mengulas pandangan Tun Daim Zainuddin di dalamMingguan Malaysia semalam yang menyatakan UMNO serta Barisan Nasional (BN) mempunyai kelebihan berbanding pakatan pembangkang.

Sementara itu, bagi Setiausaha Gabungan NGO Malaysia (GNM), Mohd. Jurit Ramli, tempoh terdekat ini adalah waktu paling sesuai bagi Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib mengadakan pilihan raya berikutan keadaan kucar-kacir di dalam pakatan pembangkang.

"Sebenarnya terlalu banyak isu yang dihadapi oleh pembangkang yang tidak pernah selesai dan ini termasuk konflik dalaman sehingga menyaksikan Datuk Dr. Hasan Ali dipecat daripada Pas. "Malah, Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim juga semakin hilang kredibiliti dengan pelbagai isu bertalu-talu termasuk kenyataannya yang menyokong keselamatan negara Israel,'' katanya.

Jelas Jurit lagi, tempoh waktu ini juga sesuai bagi Perdana Menteri untuk membubarkan Parlimen memandangkan program transformasi yang diperkenalkan mula memberi kesan dan mempunyai potensi untuk kebaikan masa depan negara

Sumber: Utusan Online 4 Mac 2012

Negara hancur jika pemimpin tidak peka kehendak rakyat

KUALA LUMPUR 3 Mac - Mana-mana negara bakal berdepan dengan 'kehancuran' jika pemimpin tertinggi di sesebuah negara itu tidak peka terhadap kehendak rakyat. Bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad berkata, ia terbukti dengan apa yang berlaku di beberapa buah negara Arab apabila rakyatnya bertindak menentang kerajaan.

Jelasnya, kehendak rakyat yang perlu diutamakan adalah soal pekerjaan bagi membolehkan mereka mendapat sumber pendapatan untuk kestabilan hidup. ''Bidang pertanian tidak mampu mencipta banyak peluang pekerjaan berbanding industri. 

Secara matematiknya, satu hektar tanah untuk pertanian hanya mampu menyokong kehidupan seorang tetapi tanah itu boleh menempatkan sebuah kilang dengan 500 pekerja. ''Sebab itulah Malaysia memilih menjadi negara industri. Selain mencipta banyak peluang pekerjaan, sektor industri membolehkan seseorang itu terlatih dalam sektor pembuatan.

Sabah to have most number of 1Malaysia clinics

TUARAN: Sabah will have the most number of 1Malaysia Clinic by year-end, with the Health Ministry having set a target of 20 of such facilities here. Deputy Health Minister Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin said eight were already operating, with the clinic at Taman Sri Rugading being the latest launched yesterday.

Another one is under construction while the locations for the other 11 have been identified and in the process of being set up. She said this included areas in Penampang, Beaufort, Sandakan, Kota Kinabalu and Keningau. “However, two of the clinics in operation have been upgraded to a Health Clinic, respectively at Sulaman Centre here and Taman Bandar Leila in Sandakan, to cope with the higher number of patients.

“The upgrading means that these clinics now have doctors or medical officers instead of assistant medical officers, for managing more serious cases,” she said at the clinic launch at Taman Sri Rugading.

Rosnah added there were a total of about 100 1Malaysia clinics in the country. “With Sabah expected to reach 20 clinics within this year, it will have the highest, followed by Johor, Sarawak and Selangor,” she said.

TheBorneoPost Online: 02 Mac 2012