Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri N.48 Sukau


Sukau Bridge

The Sukau bridge is not a "highway bridge". The main road of oil palm plantations have existed across Lot 3 LKWS over the decades, off which the road has been a hindrance for the movements of elephants along the fragment LKWS due to frequent traffic such as huge trucks. In search for a new route, all those elephants entered the village area and uses riverbank as an alternatives. The existence of this oil palm plantations road never been reported by DGFC, not to mention any reports of the intrusions of oil palm companies in the LKWS, digging of drainage ditch, as well as installing electric fencing up to the river bank (riparian reserve) as barrier that cause death to wildlife. I assume the international community needs some explaination. For record, 1.3 km flyover is to be built across Lot 3 LKWS to facilitate the movements of elephants underneath.

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