Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri N.48 Sukau


Construction of Sukau Bridge, Kinabatangan.

Construction of the bridge is becoming more in tune with modernity in this era. This is because each of their respective countries to competing in implementing development that meets the needs of the population, but also appeal to other countries to come to this country. When a district has made progress in the development, it will be a landmark and an idol to other countries to develop and carry out diplomatic relations and investing that can benefit the people around Sukau district and to the development of the region itself. The bridge can be defined as the progress made in terms of infrastructure, economic, social, spiritual, and physical sustainability of a strip. From the point of view of the public construction of the bridge can be interpreted also as a transformation process of the backward areas into areas that developed and developing impact of urban growth, increasing population, increased economic activity, increased intensity of use, improved living standards and quality of life of the population. Therefore, this case shows the importance of a bridge in ensuring sustainable development in a particular Sukau zone. There are a variety of interests and advantages that may occur as a result of the construction of the second bridge Kinabatangan.

Construction of a second bridge Kinabatangan closely related to growth, change and development. Growth refers to sustained progress or improvement in terms of population, an increase in economic activity, increased density of land use and so on. Changes in the area is based on the expansion and development of natural areas such as forests and wetlands. When the population density increases, the need to develop housing causing developments region itself. It shows all aspects of growth, change and development when combined refers to the construction of a second bridge Kinabatangan. Therefore, the construction of bridges tend to focus on physical patterns and sustainable bridge. The bridge is more beneficial to the public interest and consistent with the increasingly rapid modernization.

The question is, why every development should always be sustainable? Sustainable development is a lot of positive impact on the area to ensure that human life is safe, comfortable and harmonious. Among the balanced physical development can also avoid the waste of resources that can ensure the continuity of supply of natural resources in the present and future through the effective use of land, reduction of non-renewable resources, natural resources and biodiversity conservation. In the event of uncontrolled development caused a lot of land area or fully utilized and thus the occurrence of extinction of natural resources and can hinder the use of in the future.

In conclusion, the sustainable construction of the bridge should also take into account the areas of social justice, basic human resource needs, public health, environmental awareness in terms of space and time. One way to achieve sustainable construction bridge is through regional economic health. Hence, economic activity, employment and poverty must be noted as well as trade becomes very important. Many are involved indirectly in sustainable development such as governments, businesses, educational institutions, media, youth, and others have a different view. This statement is very clear understanding and vision for sustainability is different for each person and need to work together to consult about the sustainability of the process of achieving sustainable bridge construction and how to contribute ideas. Some are interested in the preservation and protection of the environment, some are interested in the development of economic while others are interested in social development. Therefore, the authorities need to take drastic steps to design development to meet the demand of people who want an area that is safe, comfortable and secure as sustainable development for communities to prevent discomfort Sukau district.