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Relocation exercice to be held for residents in low lying areas in Sukau to escape floods

Kota Kinabalu: wed/Feb 3,2010

Residents living in low-lying areas in Sukau and Kinabatangan will have to be relocated to escape floods.Sukau assemblyman Saddi Abdul Rahman (Pictured)said the relocation exercise would involve about 4,000 residents who are now residing in five areas considered high-risk areas.

"We haveto find a piece of land for them so that they can even farm" he said adding that the group comprising 200 families in Sukau and 500 in Kinabatangan.

Speaking to reporters yesterday after launching the second single album of his eldest son, Sabhi Saddi here yesterday,Sabhi said that Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Hj Aman had proposed the relocation move for the affected families.

Saddi said that during rainy seoson,these families living in Abai,Bilit,Sukau,Batu Putih and Mukim Litang would be affected by floods.

In the absence of a proper land to accommodate the residents,he suggested that a piece of the Supu Class 2 Forest Reserve be given to the villagers.

He added that this was done during the Berjaya era when two villages in Abai and Sukau were relocated.

"A piece of the forest reserve was given to them so that they could start their lives anew"he said adding that these villages were kampungPerpaduan and Kampung Sentos Jaya.

However he saidthat any decision would have to be made by the government.